Degree Thesis

Final Examination

The final examination for the undergraduate and master of science degree completion consists of a public examination, which concerns a specific training activity carried out at the end of course of study. The final overall assessment takes into account the whole curriculum of the student, in relation to the level of the degree, to the cultural maturity and the to the ability to develop an intellectual work, as well as to the quality of the elaborate if foreseen. The methods and objectives of the thesis are stated by educational system and regulations of each course of study.

Master of Science degree final examination

The final examination for the achievement of the Master of Science degree in the discussion of an original thesis, presented in written form, on a topic proposed by the student and approved by his/her supervisor. The paper is prepared under the guidance of one or more speakers.

Undergraduate degree final examination

Each student, after completing the training required by the study program, chooses a topic of the thesis and contacts a teacher to agree on the type of the required depth.
The student may take the final exam after completing all other training activities required for graduation degree.
The characteristics of the final examination differ depending on the course of study and on the curriculum followed by the student.
For further details about the final examination, please check the Regulations of the theses published in the download box.

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