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The Delegates of the Department are appointed by the Head or by the Board in order to optimize the various activities of the Department.

Education   fabio.massacci [at] unitn.it (Fabio Massacci)
Internationalization   massimo.donelli [at] unitn.it (Massimo Donelli)
Study Plans   mauro.brunato [at] unitn.it (Mauro Brunato)
Guidance   roberto.sebastiani [at] unitn.it (Roberto Sebastiani)
paolo.rocca [at] unitn.it (Rocca Paolo)
giulia.boato [at] unitn.it (Giulia Boato)
Internship and Stage   luigi.palopoli [at] unitn.it (Luigi Palopoli)
External Internship recognition   mauro.brunato [at] unitn.it (Mauro Brunato)
Erasmus Program   begum.demir [at] unitn.it (Begum Demir)
enrico.blanzieri [at] unitn.it (Enrico Blanzieri)
antonella.deangeli [at] unitn.it (Antonella De Angeli)
claudio.sacchi [at] unitn.it (Claudio Sacchi)
Seminars management   velgias [at] unitn.it (Yannis Velegrakis)
Relations with the library   paola.quaglia [at] unitn.it (Paola Quaglia)
Disability   marco.ronchetti [at] unitn.it (Marco Ronchetti)
alberto.montresor [at] unitn.it (Alberto Montresor)
TOPSPORT   paolo.giorgini [at] unitn.it (Paolo Giorgini)
ICT Services   renato.locigno [at] unitn.it (Renato Lo Cigno)
BIT School   renato.locigno [at] unitn.it (Renato Lo Cigno)
Entry Requirements   nicola.conci [at] unitn.it (Nicola Conci)
mauro.brunato [at] unitn.it (Mauro Brunato)
DISI Communication   giuseppe.riccardi [at] unitn.it (Giuseppe Riccardi)