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The Department Board

  • submits to the Academic Senate the proposal for the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan of the Department which contains the actions to be performed in education, research and external relationships;
  • delivers to the Senate - in line with its Multi-Annual Strategic Plan - proposals in terms of recruitment and career development of teachers and researchers;
  • deliberates on educational offer and educational programming;
  • performs the other functions assigned by the Regulations of the Department and shall decide on any decision that the Head submits to it.

Members of the Department Board

All the Faculties are members of the Board.

Personnel Representative

  • Danilo Severina

Fellowship Holders Representative

  • Juan Josè Jara Laconich

Doctoral Students Representatives

  • Linda Tonolli
  • Andrea Capaccioli

Students Representatives

  • Patrick Barattin 
  • Miriam Doh 
  • David Marinangeli 
  • Emanuele Nardi 
  • Williams Rizzi 
  • Lorenzo Tait