Tutors provide guidance and assist students during their time at UniTrento. The purpose of the tutoring service is to encourage students to actively participate in the learning process, support them and advise on academic issues or personal ones.

Faculty representative for undergraduate tutoring

Faculty representatives for graduate tutoring

Peer tutors

Computer Science Area

Samuel Giacomelli samuel.giacomelli [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Carlo Masaia carlo.masaia [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Stefano Mezza stefano.mezza [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Matteo Nardello matteo.nardello [at] unitn.it (email)
Sivam Pasupathipillai s.pasupathipillai [at] unitn.it (email)

Mathematics Area 

Giulia Bissoli giulia.bissoli-1 [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Francesco Compagno francesco.compagno [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Alessandro Gollini alessandro.gollini [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Luca Girardi luca.girardi-1 [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Marta Polesello marta.polesello [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Davide Soresina davide.soresina [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)

Physics Area 

Boiani Giulia Maria giuliamaria.boiani [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Contessi Daniele daniele.contessi [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)
Puecher Anna  anna.puecher [at] studenti.unitn.it (email)

Second semester calendar

Computer Science Area

Tuesday 13.30-15.30 (room A221)

Wednesday 10.30-12.30 (room A203) - only on 21 March: room A218

Mathematics Area

First semester

Physics Area

Tuesday 15.30-17.30 (room A206)

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