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The student at the time of enrollment is provided with a university account for online educational support services (called Esse3 account). The account allows the student to access to certificates, booklet, exams enrollment and educational support services on Esse3 website, it also allows to access to the services provided by the University. The main services managed by the CISCA (the IT Centre for Povo campus) are:

  • webmail @studenti.unitn.it
  • access to computrer labs
  • connection to the wireless network
  • data storage
  • access to printers for educational purposes
  • open software distribution

Esse3 password is very important, it must be carefully chosen and must never be communicated to anyone. In particular, it must be at least eight characters, alphanumeric and difficult to guess (names, nicknames, dates and any word dictionary must be avoided).

If lost, Esse3 password can be reset by accessing to a dedicated page.

The services must be use following the Network Access Regulations of the University (pdf).

Connecting to the wireless network

The access to the wireless University service is available to all users (students, technical and administrative staff, teacher or visiting) and allows access to the resources of the university network and to the Internet via proxy service.

To access the service users must use their own credentials, user name and password of the University. The beginning of the session and its duration are registered by the university. For details about the service, check the page on informations on the wireless network access.

Access to computer labs

All of the computers of the labs are set in dual boot configuration Windows and GNU/Linux. Students can access to the workstations using Esse3 credentials.

CISCA website provides a detailed description of the classrooms and access rules.

Note: Although Esse3 password does not expire, it is possible that, the owner can be denied to the access to the labs if it is not changed for more than six months. Therefore we recommend users to change regularly the password from Esse3 website.

Data storage

Students are provided with a disk quota on the fileserver ares.science.unitn.it. This space is accessible from the classrooms as a network drive in Windows and home directory in GNU/Linux. It is also possible to access it from the wireless network and outside the University.

The fileserver data are subjected to a periodic backup.

Access to services is disabled right after the obtaining of the undergraduate or master of science degree, or in the case the registration is not renewed or the students has not timely paid the tuition fees. The disabling of the account implies the cancellation of all data. Students about to graduate or willing to abandon their studies are required to save their data.

Access to printers

At various points of the facilities are installed copier-printers-color scanner.

In order to use the equipment it is essential to be in possession of a prepaid magnetic card, which you can buy from a distributor of tiles placed near the copier (or at the copy shop) for 5 euro.

Students can print pdf files, jpg, txt from a USB stick.

After inserting the key card prepaid, insert a USB stick into the port located under the card reader next to the copier.

Open software

At the CISCA are available open softwares for loan (CD or DVD). It is also possible to have a personal copy of the softwares providing a blank media.

Technical staff at CISCA

  • Alessandro Villani - Head
  • Remo Iori - Responsible for Network Services
    • Management of Hill Area network
    • Management of Hill Area server
  • Stefano Setti - Responsible for computer labs and educational services
    • Management of computer labs
    • Management of Multimedia services
    • Management of Hill Area server
    • Webmaster of the CISCA site
  • Marco Nesler - System Administrator
    • Management of Hill Area network
    • Management of Hill Area server