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Undergraduate courses

Computer Science (IT only)
Information and Communications Engineering (IT only)
Information and Business Organisation Engineering (IT only)


Master of Science courses

Computer Science
Information and Communications Engineering
Human Computer Interaction - Interdepartmental Course
Quantitative and Computational Biology - Interdepartmental Course


Prospective student

Deciding to invest in education is a life-changing moment that will affect the rest of your professional career.
At the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science we offer:

  • 3 Undergraduate courses
  • 4 Master of Science Degrees (in English)
  • 2 Double/Joint Degrees (in English)
  • 1 Doctoral School (in English)

Whichever course you choose you can rest assured that you will get the very best support from our academic staff and infrastructure facilities.

To get more information before making your decision, take a look at our brochure where you will find detailed information about the excellent opportunities we offer. Otherwise, you can consult the Education section on our website where you will find links to our course pages.

Orientation-related services

The orientation-related services that DISI offers are organized in two areas:

  • University choice orientation
    Guidance is available for students who are enrolling in university courses for the first time.
  • Post-graduate orientation
    Post-graduate academic orientation is directed at students who already have a first level university degree and wish to improve their education with a Master of Science degree or a Master degree.

Department's academic advisors