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Parking areas

The parking areas in the inner courtyards have places reserved for disabled users. The parking spaces are limited with an electronically controlled internal barrier: for this reason, in the case of occasional visit, you will need to ring at the main gate and wait for its opening by the reception staff (possibly forewarning via telephone or povo1 [at] science.unitn.it (email)). Frequent users are provided with a card to access the parking lot. You can access to the classrooms directly from the parking lot.

Other services

The facility of the Library of Science is equipped with a desk for the reading of texts for the visually impaired. The station consists of a PC connected to a scanner, the software is installed on the PC Kurzweill 1,000 for the reading of texts.

The offered services are:

  • scan of texts
  • magnification of the text according to the optimum scale for the user (from 2x to 16x)
  • listening via speech synthesis
  • recording the audio file in MP3, Wave or Daisy and possibility of recording on USB stick or CD-ROM drive (not supplied).

The service is available during opening hours of the library, information can be asked to the Head of the Library, Sonia Stenico.

Other services, such as the possibility to get a PC on loan, are available on a request by the Opera Universitaria.

For some courses is also active an experimental project of video recording of lessons which are then made available on the web. The videotapes are realized in order to ensure their use to students with visual or other disabilities.

Further contacts

For more information about activities and services, please consult the relevant page on Disability and special needs.

Delegates for disability

Marco Ronchetti

Alberto Montresor