DISI IT Help Desk System

IT services at DISI are organized as services provided by a pool of technicians. The service, as decided by the Department, is managed through a ticketing system accessed though the standard UniTN Credentials in Single Sign On mode.

To open a new ticket, users can either use a web interface (directly at address or by means of OTRS widget on MyUniTN portal), or send an email to or go to DISI technical office.

In order to have your request to be managed by DISI technicians you should choose "__DISI Support" from the drop-down list among the available services; otherwise it may be assigned to a different technical team.

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Management department server account:

Network services


Seminar Proposal Submission How-to 

University Space Request Forms & Regulations

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Booking Procedure

  • Voice conference
  • Visiting room
  • Meeting room


Legend: Cornisello (6 - Povo1) | Terlago (10 - Povo1)


Legend: Lamar (12 - Povo2) | Molveno (14 - Povo1) | Toblino (14 - Povo1)


Legend: Lases (12 - Povo2) | Ledro (12 - Povo2) | Tenno (12 - Povo2)


Legend: Yoram Ofek (50 - Povo1) | Garda (50 - Povo1) | Levico (30 - Povo2)