The Department offers two Doctoral Programmes:

Each Programme has a Coordinator and a Doctoral Programme Committee.

The Coordinator is responsible for the Doctoral course, is the legal representative of the Programme and manages its activities. The Coordinator remains in office for three years and may be reelected only once after the end of the first term of office.

Doctoral Programme in Information Engineering and Computer Science (IECS)

The IECS Doctoral Programme was founded in 2001 and since then delivers the skills necessary to conduct advanced research and to contribute to scientific and technological progress. 

The specific objective of the doctoral programme is to train professionals able to develop high-quality and innovative information and telecommunication systems addressed to solving complex problems. It also provides doctoral students with specific training and internship opportunities to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

Coordinator: Elisa Ricci
Vice-Coordinator: Roberto Passerone

Doctorate Program in Industrial innovation

The Doctorate Program in Industrial Innovation is co-founded by the University of Trento and the Fondazione Bruno Kessler. It is an interdisciplinary program that offers a wide range of courses by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the Departments of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI), Industrial Engineering (DII), Economics and Management (DEM), Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM) and Physics (DIF) of the University of Trento. Companies are the key players of the Program that propose specific research problems to solve and participate in the design of individual educational paths.

The Program carries out initiatives in synergy with local Partners such as HIT, Trentino Sviluppo and Confindustria.

Coordinator: Vincenzo M. Sglavo
Vice-Coordinator: Domenico Siracusa