The organization of DISI is laid out in the Department’s Regulations.

The Department:

  • promotes and coordinates research in the area of information engineering and computer science, respecting the autonomy of each faculty member;
  • promotes and coordinates teaching and learning activities for undergraduate and graduate courses, internships and other educational programs launched by the Department;
  • promotes the Graduate Schools established by the Department, and collaborates with them to define and achieve educational and research objectives, in line with the rules provided by the University regulation on Doctoral Schools;
  • designs courses in the disciplines of its competence;
  • works with other Departments and Centers to development interdisciplinary research areas;
  • promotes collaboration with similar research and education organizations in Italy and abroad;
  • promotes and manages activities related to the provision of services, research and consulting contracts, and agreements for third party research;
  • organizes research support and consulting services, based on different agreements;
  • organizes scientific seminars and conferences;
  • publishes and disseminates the results achieved and promotes innovation initiatives, such as spin-offs and start-ups;
  • promotes the training of its technical staff.


The Department is led by a Director and is represented by a Council.

The Regulations of the Department also provide for a Joint Committee of students and faculty members, composed of the President, two faculty members, and three students selected from among those elected in the Department Council, and its task is to supervise educational activities.