The Delegates of the Department are appointed by the Director or by the Department Council to oversee the different aspects of academic life at the Department.

Alumni   Claudio Sacchi
DISI Communication   Giulia Boato
Teaching and Learning   Giuseppe Riccardi
Disabilities   Marco Ronchetti
Erasmus Program   Libertario Demi
Enrico Blanzieri
Claudio Sacchi
Internationalization   Libertario Demi
Orientation   Roberto Sebastiani
Paolo Rocca
Giulia Boato
Study Plans   Mauro Brunato
Equality&Diversity   Vincenzo D'Andrea
Quality   Roberto Passerone
Relations with the library   Paola Quaglia
Relationships with secondary schools   Alberto Montresor
Relationships with stakeholders   Vincenzo D'Andrea
Admission Requirements   Nicola Conci
Mauro Brunato
Recognition of external internships   Mauro Brunato
Seminars   Nicola Conci
ICT Services   Alberto Montresor
Safety measures   Luigi Palopoli
Internships   Luca Turchet
TOPSport   paolo.giorgini [at] (Paolo Giorgini)