The Delegates of the Department are appointed by the Director or by the Department Council to oversee the different aspects of academic life at the Department.

Teaching and Learning   coordinatoredidattica.disi [at] (Giuseppe Riccardi)
Internationalization   libertario.demi [at] (Libertario Demi)
Study Plans   mauro.brunato [at] (Mauro Brunato)
Quality   Roberto Passerone
Orientation   roberto.sebastiani [at] (Roberto Sebastiani)
paolo.rocca [at] (Paolo Rocca)
giulia.boato [at] (Giulia Boato)
Internships   luca.turchet [at] (Luca Turchet)
Recognition of External Internships   mauro.brunato [at] (Mauro Brunato)
Relationships with stakeholders   vincenzo.dandrea [at] (Vincenzo D'Andrea)
Erasmus Program   libertario.demi [at] (Libertario Demi)
enrico.blanzieri [at] (Enrico Blanzieri)
claudio.sacchi [at] (Claudio Sacchi)
Seminars   nicola.conci [at] (Nicola Conci)
Relations with the library   paola.quaglia [at] (Paola Quaglia)
Disabilities   marco.ronchetti [at] (Marco Ronchetti)
alberto.montresor [at] (Alberto Montresor)
TOPSPORT   paolo.giorgini [at] (Paolo Giorgini)
ICT Services   alberto.montresor [at] (Alberto Montresor)
Admission Requirements   nicola.conci [at] (Nicola Conci)
mauro.brunato [at] (Mauro Brunato)
DISI Communication   giulia.boato [at] (Giulia Boato)
Safety measures   luigi.palopoli [at] (Luigi Palopoli)
Relationships with Secondary Schools   alberto.montresor [at] (Alberto Montresor)
Alumni   Claudio Sacchi