The Department Council

  • submits to the Academic Senate a draft Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for the Department, which identifies the main lines of action in education, research and external relationships; the plan takes into account the general criteria and limitations established by the Academic Senate;
  • formulates proposals to the Academic Senate on the recruitment and career development of teachers and researchers, in line with its Multi-Annual Strategic Plan;
  • decides on matters concerning courses, teaching and learning policies, funds to be allocated to extra courses, workshops, and other teaching activities;
  • performs other functions assigned to it by the Department Regulations and decides on all matters brought forth by the director.

Members of the Department Council

All faculty members are members of the Department Council.

Staff Representative

  • Danilo Severina

Research Fellow Representative


Doctoral Student Representatives

  • Daipré Alessandro
  • Virendra Kumar Mehtai

Student Representatives

  • Giulia Andreatta
  • Federico Giarré
  • Edoardo Meneghini
  • Michele Minniti
  • Riccardo Parola
  • Matteo Rizzi
  • Alessia Saccardo
  • Claudia Sofia Scandola