The Joint Committee of students and faculty members:

  • monitors courses, assesses the quality of teaching and learning, and observes the services provided to students by professors and researchers;
  • identifies indexes for the evaluation of teaching and learning;
  • provides opinions on the opening of study courses and their discontinuation.

The Joint Committee submits to the Department Council an independent annual report that examines the different study courses in detail, considering the degree of student satisfaction as regards teaching and learning and academic services, teacher performance, student progress, University equipment and facilities, quality of services, and the general organization of the learning environment.

The Joint Committee is composed of the President, two faculty members elected by the Department Council, and three students selected from among the student representatives elected in the Department Council. The Joint Committee remains in office for two years.

Members of the Student-Faculty Joint Committee

Faculty members   gianpietro.picco [at] (Gian Pietro Picco)
giulia.boato [at] (Giulia Boato)
paola.quaglia [at] (Paola Quaglia)
Students [at] (Sara Ferrari)
edoardo.meneghini [at] (Edoardo Meneghini)
armando.pellegrini [at] (Armando Pellegrini)
Email address   cpds.disi [at]