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The Department od Information Engineering and Computer Science offers students a wide range of international exchange opportunities at all levels of studies (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD). Spending a period of study abroad will give students direct experience of another culture and another country, with the chance to acquire new skills and knowledge that will make their cv stand out at national, European and international level.

Every year the International Mobility Office organizes meeting days dedicated to the exchange opportunities for the students of across departments.

For further information please refer to International Mobility Programmes.

The calls for Erasmus Study, Double Degree and Bilateral Agreements are published once a year. The calls for thesis research and internship abroad are always open with an annual deadline.

Information on admission requirements and on how to participate in the various programmes is available on the University website.

Erasmus + for Study

The Erasmus study program intends to promote student mobility between university institutions in the countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. The Erasmus + Program gives financial support to students enrolled at the University of Trento who intend to spend a study period abroad in a country member of the Program to study, take examinations or write their dissertation. 

The exam recognition form can be downloaded in the download box.

For more information: Erasmus+ program - destinations, duration, scholarships, how to apply

Study Plan

Once selected for a destination, it is necessary to prepare the study plan to be followed abroad (Learning Agreement) in accordance with your teaching area delegate.
It is necessary to present your current study plan (booklet) and the list of courses to be taken abroad with their programs to the delegate. Mobility can only be authorized after the Learning Agreement is approved by all Parties (student - UniTrento delegate - host University).

Recognition of credits taken abroad

Upon returning from the mobility, the student is required to deliver to the International Mobility Office the certificate of exams taken abroad (Transcript of Records) and the recognition request form completed in collaboration with the department delegate, who will assign the grades based on a conversion table. The student will therefore have recognition of the teaching activities and related exams passed abroad based on the study plan (Learning Agreement) agreed before departure with the Erasmus delegate of the Department and/or destination and certified on the Transcript of Records.

Traineeship Abroad

The program offers students traineeship opportunities at institutions around the world. Scholarships are different depending on the geographical area of the host institutions:

The call is open for applications all year round.
The traineeship can be of two types:

  • curricular: intended for students who gain credits from traineeship or "other activities" recognizable in their career; traineeship recognized as supernumerary cannot be financed through mobility notices;
  • postgraduate: to be carried out after the graduation and to be completed within 12 months from the date of graduation. However, the application must be submitted before the discussion of the final exam.

Recognition of the Traineeship

Once the traineeship experience abroad has been completed, it is possible to request recognition of career credits in your study plan. The student must deliver the original Traineeship Certificate completed and signed by the host institution to the International Mobility Office. After delivery of the documentation, the International Mobility Office will update your career in Esse3, recording the credits in the study plan. This procedure does not apply to students undertaking the traineeship as postgraduates.

Thesis Research Abroad

With the Thesis research abroad program you can carry out a period of research and preparation of the thesis/final exam abroad at a university or other institution throughout the world.

For further information: Thesis Research Abroad Program - destinations, duration, scholarships, how to apply

Bilateral Agreements

Bilateral Agreements allow you to attend individual courses or teachings at foreign universities that have entered into a specific agreement with UniTrento / the Department. Every year the University of Trento allocates funds for scholarships which are assigned through a specific call and following a selection. For each destination, the academic and linguistic requirements required for admission to the selection are indicated in the call (e.g. study cycle and year of enrolment, language and level).
For more information: Bilateral Agreements Program - destinations, duration, scholarships, how to apply

Double Degree

The Double Degree is a joint program established between two or more universities which allows students to attend part of their career at UniTrento and part at the partner university, obtaining at the end of the course a qualification from each university and recognized in the countries involved.

Double Degree agreements are stipulated for individual study courses and annually the University of Trento allocates funds for scholarships which are usually assigned through a specific call and following a selection.
For further information: Double Degree Program - duration, scholarships, how to apply

Destinations of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science


GE4 is an international network of more than 60 universities (the University of Trento is the only Italian university in the network). Among other things, GE4 fosters student mobility to provide new graduates with multicultural team skills and a broader global perspective. In the framework of GE4 agreements, the University of Trento finances for its students a period of study or research in a partner university, which may be followed by an internship. The participants must be enrolled on a postgraduate course at the Department of Engineering. Participation requirements may vary depending on the university.Two calls are published every year at least 4 months before the start of the mobility program.

Further information here



Department Delegate for Internationalization: Prof. Fabrizio Granelli
Department Delegates for Erasmus+: Prof. Libertario Demi, Prof. Claudio Sacchi

International Mobility Office Polo collina: mobility-st [at]
Helpdesk in presence is on Wednesday from 10:00 to 11:00 am, online helpdesk is on Tuesday from 11:00 to 12:00 only upon advanced booking. For an appointment on other days/times kindly send an mobility-st [at] (email)