The Multisensory Interactions educational laboratory studies systems that interact with users by leveraging multiple sensory modalities, such as vision, audition and haptics.

Research activities

The Laboratory engages undergraduate and graduate students as well as partner companies in using advanced methodologies of the fields of human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and human perception. These activities lead to developing interactive systems capable of understanding the behavior and emotions of users, and of communicating information to them in a satisfactory and effective manner.

We teach our students to design, develop and evaluate proof-of-concept prototypes of multisensory interactive systems. Students learn how to use sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, as well as real-time programming languages to detect the gestures of users and transform them into sounds, visual, and haptic stimuli, applying the knowledge of human perceptual processes.

The Laboratory collaborates with several companies in the sectors of Healthcare, Creative Industries, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Brain-Computer Interfaces, and Sport.


The Laboratory is composed of two rooms, acoustically insulated and interconnected at the audio and visual level: 

  1.  the Performance Lab, equipped with a Motion Capture System with 8 infrared cameras, high resolution RGB cameras, virtual and augmented reality headsets, ceiling microphones and cameras, a system of 16 speakers for 3D audio, and haptic devices such as haptic shoes, bracelets and vests.
  2. the Control Room, a control room equipped with the necessary tools to make high quality audio recordings such as microphones, sound cards, mixers, and hi-fidelity monitor speakers.

Other equipment include: networked music performance systems, embedded systems for low-latency audio and sensor processing, vibrotactile motors, and musical instruments.


Additional information

Address: Polo Ferrari 1, via Sommarive 5, 38123 Povo (Trento)
Room 255, floor +1

Lab Calendar: