The Program


The EIT Digital Master Program at UniTrento is a 2-year Master course founded on technical major basis together with a Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor (30 ECTS). EIT Digital program is held in a consortium of European top universities and lead together with business partners to provide on a double-degree program both technical excellence and hands-on experience.

EIT Digital Master School students will gain the state of the art technical knowledge and achieve the abilities needed to drive their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to the market. The program is strongly focused on the acquisition of transferable skills, especially on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program involves a mandatory 2-year mobility, the first year in an entry university and the second one in an exit university. It also includes a mandatory Summer School held in one of the EIT nodes in Europe. At the end of the program, a Master's degree will be awarded by both universities involved in the mobility scheme. Moreover, EIT students will receive an "EIT label" certificate, which aims at attesting the Innovation & Entrepreneurship skills gained during the program.

The University of Trento is currently holding seven EIT technical majors either as an entry and exit point or as an exit only.

Technical majors

Each technical major is organized in 120 ECTS.

90 technical ECTS divided in two years:

  • 1st year - common base
  • 2nd year - specialization and thesis project

30 Innovation & Entrepreneurship ECTS divided in two years:

  • 1st year - basis and BDLab (Business Development)
  • 1st year (Summer) - summer school
  • 2nd year - I&E studies

Technical majors on "Information and Communication Engineering"

  • Cloud and Network Infrastructures (entry & exit point)
  • Visual Computing and Communication (entry & exit point)

Technical majors on "Computer Science"

  • Cyber Security (entry & exit point)
  • Human-Computer Interaction & Design (exit point)
  • Embedded Systems (exit point)
  • Data Science (exit point)
  • Fintech (entry & exit point)

Technical major on "Mechatronics Engineering"

  • Autonomous Systems (entry & exit point)

Learning outcomes

  • Master appropriate technologies
  • Relevant business insights, legal and societal expertise
  • Technology skills with strategic business expertise
  • Applying state-of-the-art theories
  • Proposing novel and innovative services with sustainable business models


Standard call for applications is closed!

The admissions process to all the EIT Digital Master's programs is handled centrally by the EIT Digital Master School Office located in Stockholm.

The application process is divided into 2 periods:

  • Period 1: Open to EU/EEA/CH/ Non-EU citizens
  • Period 2: Open to EU/EEA/CH citizens. Please note that all study trajectories may not be available during application period 2. Not recommended for applicants who require a visa.

Please find more details on deadlines and admission process timing.

All requirements, requested documents and universities/technical majors offered are available on the EIT Digital Master School website.

For further information please contact eitmaster [at]


eitmaster [at]

Students' Support Opening Hours: 

Tuesday 13:30-15:30 and Thursday 10:30-11:30
Ms. Sara Modena / Ms. Volha Tarasevich, office n. 154, floor 1, Povo 2

Thursday 14:30-16:30
Ms. Serena Fusaro, room S15-01-008A, ground floor, Povo 2