The choice between continuing to study instead of immediately entering the world of working is often a complex decision for students, this choice often represents an important investment for his professional future.

During the academic year, there are multiple opportunities and guidance for post-graduate training that are advertised on bulletin boards, monitors, websites, social networks, dedicated emails sent to the students or in communications during classes.

The objective of these is to offer support in the decision of the most appropriate alternative and to develop a coherent competence profile for the student by considering his/her formation and skills.

ICT Days

During the ICT Days, DISI offers to the students orientation activities where researchers and teachers explain the contents of the study courses, the skills that the student can acquire and the big opportunities in the labor market.

In the event, national and international companies operating in the ICT sector are available to answer questions about their research and maintain brief interviews with potential candidates. The companies will also present their research activity during a classroom presentation.

On request personal interviews

Throughout the whole year, students can request personalized interviews to the department. This service offers the opportunity to learn more about the various courses and programs, with the objective of helping the future student to select the path most suited to his/her interests and expectations.

Delivery of informative material

Department’s informative materials (courses, master, initiative descriptions, etc.) are normally ​​available to interested students.