DISI offers two PhD programs in English:

  • Doctoral Programme in Information Engineering and Computer Science, promoted by the University of Trento
  • Doctorate Program in Industrial Innovation, an interdisciplinary program promoted by the University of Trento in agreement with the Bruno Kessler Foundation

Starting from a.y. 2021/2022, DISI is also involved in the National PhD Program in Artificial Intelligence, area "AI for Society".

Most of the positions are covered by a scholarship. Each PhD student is entitled to use a budget dedicated to research activities for participation in courses, conferences, Summer Schools and enrollments in scientific societies.

The University of Trento offers numerous benefits for students enrolled in PhD programs such as:
- health care for PhD students not resident in Trentino
- opportunities for accommodation in student residences for the first year of the PhD program
- discounts on season tickets for all provincial means of transport
- welcome service and assistance in requesting accommodation and residence permits

More information on the educational offer, on concessions and on the rights and duties of doctoral students on the PhD Schools and Programmes page, email phd.office-st [at] unitn.it.
For more information on each Program check out the boxes below, or send an email to iecs.school [at] unitn.it or industrial-innovation [at] unitn.it.


Information Engineering and Computer Science


Industrial Innovation

National PhD in Artificial Intelligence

National PhD in Artificial Intelligence