Parking lots in the inner courtyards have places reserved for disabled users. Barrier gates regulate traffic to the parking areas: frequent users have a badge authorizing access, occasional users need to use the intercom to contact the reception (it is possible to contact the reception in advance by phone or email to receptionpovo1 [at] Elevators connect the lower level to the upper floors.

Services for visually impaired people

The Library of Science offers services to people with a visual impairment and is equipped with a scanner and a computer with Kurzweil 1000 software to magnify text or convert it to speech. The workstation comprises text-to-speech software, speech recognition software, a scanner, a Braille printer, as well as other facilities. These reading machines are able to convert most printed material into speech, which is then recorded or converted into Braille. The workstation is also equipped with an electronic magnifier that enlarges fonts.

The services include:

  • text scanning
  • magnification devices based on the user's needs (from 2x to 16x)
  • speech synthesis
  • audio recordings in MP3, Wave or Daisy, and technology to record on USB device or CD-ROM drive (not supplied).

The service is available during library opening hours. For information please contact the head librarian, Sonia Stenico.

Other services are offered by Opera Universitaria, for example the opportunity to borrow a personal computer.

The University has started, as a pilot project, to record some course lectures to create useful teaching resources that will later be published on the internet to the benefit of students with a visual impairment or other types of disabilities.


For more information please see Disability and special needs
Student inclusion service: inclusione [at]

Department Representative for Disability

Michele Segata