Research topics

The members of this research program have valuable expertise in different ICT sectors of primary importance for the development of advanced systems for environmental monitoring and land management. Their main goal is to develop scientific activities and applications in some of the key areas of the ICT for the environment. The most relevant technological and methodological components of the research program are: airborne and satellite remote sensing technology; signal processing and pattern recognition methodologies; data fusion techniques; radar technology; in-situ sensor technology; the Geographical Information System (GIS). The research group is committed to the development of scientific activities in the above mentioned areas, and works to integrate the methodologies and technologies of multisensory architectures to define effective systems for environmental monitoring. Most of all, the group aims to establish methodologies for the analysis of remote sensing data, and to define data fusion approaches for the integration of multi-temporal and multisensory images (e.g., SAR data, optical data, etc.), as well as ancillary data acquired by in-situ sensors. Attention is paid to the whole processing chain from data acquisition and pre-processing, to data analysis and data fusion, until product delivery to end-users and customized services based on GIS platforms.

Faculty members

Lorenzo Bruzzone (coordinator)
Leonardo Carrer
Libertario Demi
Gian Pietro Picco