Exams August/September 2021
(last update on 16 august 2021)

Until the end of August, the procedures already foreseen for the June-July session remain confirmed: even in the case of a face-to-face exam, the possibility of taking the remote exam is guaranteed to all students who will communicate that they are not at the University offices and not being able to reach them even for reasons related to the time/cost of travel.

Starting from Wednesday 1 September 2021, however, in the case of scheduled exams in person, the remote exam will be guaranteed only for students who are in one of the following cases:

  • students with physical disabilities / frailties,
  • students who test positive for Covid,
  • quarantined students,
  • students who are in areas from which, in relation to any future new limitations, they cannot move,
  • students unable to be present on the day of the exam for reasons related to the administration of the vaccine scheduled for the day of the round, the day immediately before or the day immediately following.

The student who falls into one of the above cases must promptly contact the teacher communicating his condition. The teacher will provide the appropriate information for carrying out the remote exam. The student must accompany his request with suitable documentation to the teacher with whom he will have to take the exam (medical certificate and indication of residence as indicated on the identity document).
If some teachers have already planned and communicated to students that the exam will be remote, they will be able to continue with this method.

Consult the calendar of the exams to check if the appeal is scheduled remotely or in presence.

General information is available on Didattica OnLine website
Details about single courses are available on Esse3.

Courses activated during second semester 2020/2021

In compliance with Covid-19 rules, attendance to the second-semester courses and laboratories will be organized in groups that cannot mix.

DISI offer of second semester Blended courses (face-to-face and online) has been broadened to keep offering quality teaching to all DISI students. 

The list below includes all Bachelors’ and Masters’ Blended courses (face-to-face and online), with few exceptions of courses offered online.
Each student has to refer to the Programme he/she is enrolled in.

The courses not included in the below list will be offered ONLINE.

The students who are authorized to access DISI rooms will receive a notification via UniTrentoApp.
The timetable, attendance and rooms are available at https://easyacademy.unitn.it/AgendaStudentiUnitn/


  • 145409 - Calcolatori, Iacca G., ON LINE
  • 145992 - Computer Architectures, Yildrim K.S., ON LINE
  • 145410 - Fondamenti matematici per l'informatica, Ghiloni R., BLENDED
  • 145416 - Probabilità e statistica, Bianchi L.A.,  BLENDED
  • 145413 - Linguaggi di Programmazione (modulo 1 e 2), Ronchetti M. - Kuper G.M., BLENDED


  • 145004 - Algoritmi e strutture dati (parte 2), Montresor A., BLENDED
  • 145025 - Sistemi operativi 1, Crispo B., BLENDED
  • 145826 - Reti logiche, Passerone R., ON LINE


  • 140017 - Analisi matematica 2, Serra Cassano F., BLENDED
  • 145424 - Fisica, Gaburro Z.,  BLENDED
  • 145805 - Calcolo delle probabilità, Boato G., BLENDED
  • 145019 - Programmazione 2, Picco G.P.,  BLENDED


  • 145409 - Calcolatori, Palopoli L., BLENDED
  • 145992 - Computer Architectures, Yildrim K.S., ON LINE
  • 145423 - Reti, Granelli F., BLENDED
  • 145826 - Reti logiche, Passerone R., BLENDED
  • 140266 - Computer vision  (corso a scelta di LM Comm), Conci N., ON LINE


  • 145928 - Fondamenti di Sistemi operativi (condiviso con Sistemi operativi 1 145025 LT Info), Crispo B., ON LINE


  • 145764 - Deep Learning, Ricci E.,  BLENDED
  • 140266 - Computer vision, Conci N., BLENDED
  • 145056 - Formal methods mod I and mod II,  Sebastiani R., BLENDED
  • 145867 - Autonomous Software Agents, Giorgini P., BLENDED
  • 145619 - Inverse problems and optimization, Rocca P., BLENDED
  • 145866 - Introduction to Robotics, Focchi M., BLENDED


  • 145461 - Recognition systems, Melgani F., BLENDED
  • 145619 - Inverse problems and optimization, Rocca P.  - Massa A.,  BLENDED
  • 140266 - Computer vision, Conci N.,  BLENDED
  • 145617 - Distributed systems 1,  Picco G:P., BLENDED
  • 145764 - Deep Learning, Ricci E., BLENDED


  • 145857 - Machine Learning (mod. II), Ricci E., BLENDED
  • 140266 - Computer vision, Conci N., BLENDED
  • 145861 - Artificial and biological neural systems, Hasson U., BLENDED
  • 145863 - Automated Reasoning, Sebastiani R., BLENDED
  • 145876 - Model checking, Sebastiani R., BLENDED
  • 145867 - Autonomous Software Agents, Giorgini P., BLENDED
  • 145859 - Natural Language Understanding, Riccardi G., BLENDED
  • 145866 - Introduction to Robotics, Focchi M., BLENDED

Open Calls

Second call for applications a.y. 2021-2022 to the PhD Program in Information Engineering and Computer Science  
Deadline for application: 31 August at 4 pm (CEST).
Further info: https://iecs.unitn.it/education/admission/call-for-application


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