Below you will find a brief introduction of interactions between high schools and DISI:

The University goes to school

To high schools, DISI offers the opportunity to receive all the information about the institution and its education programs right in their classrooms. The main objective of this is to make the world of the university closer to the school with a first step at the student’s location. Here professors and researchers of the Department introduce the ICT world with the presentation of the study program and an overview of possible job opportunities and the demands of the labor market. By answering the student’s questions the teachers and researchers provide all the necessary clarifications regarding the study plan and any kind of eventual difficulties that may have to deal with.

The presentations will take place during the days and times agreed with the schools. 

Visiting DISI

For student groups of the last years of high school it is possible to organize “personalized” group visits of the DISI premises. In addition to the presentation of the courses the students will be able to visit the research laboratories and, if previously agreed with the accompanying teachers, also to watch some of the activities that are carried out there.

School directives and orientation teachers could contact the Department to arrange dates and methods of intervention.

ICT Days

For a whole day (usually organized in the month of March, during the ICT Days) DISI opens its doors to all students. Through this event, in which the whole Department is actively involved with stands in the academic building, the research groups illustrate (by using demos and videos) the activities, the results and the applications of their work.

During that day inside the classrooms, university teachers and students present the Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications courses. In these sessions they offer specific insights about each career choice paths, while also answering to the curiosity of the young students. 

On request personal interviews

Throughout the whole year, students and parents can request a personalized interview. This service offers the opportunity to get to know the courses and programs in depth in order to help the future student to take the path most suited to his/her interests and expectations. 

Delivery of informative material to students and schools

Department’s informative materials (offered courses, initiative descriptions, etc.) are normally available to interested students and parents. Additionally, the Department also sends, by request, information about the study programs to interested schools or to the individuals. 

Open Doors

As part of the career orientation activities, DISI offers to high school students of the last years the possibility to participate in dedicated classes given by the teachers of the courses in Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications. As such, this may become a valuable tool for learning as well as an opportunity to experience firsthand the reality of university. Classes are held on the dates and in the manner agreed with schools.