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Courses at the University of Trento are designed for students who demand high quality teaching. This is our commitment towards students, the business community, cultural associations and citizens. Since CENSIS started ranking more than seventy Italian Universities in 2001 the University of Trento and its faculties have been listed as some of the best in the country.

The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) was founded in January 2002 and represents a world-class assembly of researchers and institutions. The Department provides a dynamic and qualified response to the ever-increasing demand for leading-edge competency in the field of ICT drawing from a productive fabric at a local, national and international level.

DISI covers three primary areas of the information and communication technology: computer science, telecommunications and embedded systems. This gives DISI the ability to integrate the entire spectrum of competences needed to develop advanced technologies that underpin innovative applications and services.

Some facts about the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science:

  • acquired funding for research projects, industrial projects and educational/mobility projects in 2012: approximately 4 million euro;
  • local, national and international projects at the department labs: more than 40 running projects in 2012;
  • doctoral students enrolled at the ICT International Doctoral School organized by the department: 225 students from all the world.

DISI offers a number of diversified programs and opportunities for international students at the graduate level.  All graduate level courses are taught in English, namely:

For more information on the individual programs, please follow the links.