The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI), founded in 2002, covers the main topics of information technology and engineering. It actively promotes education and research across interdisciplinary areas with members of the departments of Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Sociology and Cognitive Sciences. We are particularly proud of our PhD students, young researchers, and alumni, many of whom are leaders in academia and industry.

Prof. Niculae Sebe, Director of the Department

UniTrento joins enas, the European sport network, and becomes more and more international Elisabetta Nones,head of Sport Projects at UniTrento, elected in the executive team
Update Esse3 System Monday, 11 December 2017 from 02.30 p.m. onward
A sense of belonging reduces work related stress “Teaching and Teacher Education” published the results of a research study authored, among others, by UniTrento Lorenzo Avanzi and Franco Fraccaroli