112 - The emergency telephone number

The common European emergency number to contact 

  • the Fire department
  • First aid assistance
  • the Police
  • Carabinieri

In case of an emergency

In an emergency (or if you see smoke, smell gas, etc.):

  1. immediately call the reception or a fire marshal; if possible call 112 and pull the fire alarm; then call the reception and/or a fire marshal;
  2. warn anyone near you; do not use extinguishers or hydrants if you are not trained to do so. 

The information you provide to the reception, the fire marshals and to rescuers must be SHORT AND COMPLETE:

  • WHO: provide your name and the phone number where you can be reached
  • WHERE: the place where the emergency is taking place (address, building, floor, etc.)
  • WHAT: the type of emergency (fire, smoke, gas leak, flood, etc.)
  • HOW: extent of the emergency, number of injured people, trapped people, disabled people at the scene

If you are on the phone with an emergency attendant, answer all questions and do not interrupt the call until requested.

In case of an earthquake

  • Stay away from windows, shelves, or anything that could fall
  • Stand against concrete structures, beams, doors, or take cover under tables, etc.
  • Do not use the elevators

Once the event is over:

  • turn off any in-use equipment
  • extinguish any open fire and cigarettes
  • clear the building
  • notify critical situations to the emergency squad

In case of building evacuation

The order to evacuate is given by loudspeaker.

If the alarm-bell rings for more than 3 minutes, you must leave the building.

Please keep calm.

Reach the nearest exit, check if it is clear (no smoke, etc.). If the way is clear:

  • close windows and doors, turn off electric equipment if there is no danger
  • close the door behind you making sure no one else is inside
  • help disabled people and occasional visitors during the evacuation
  • exit the building in an orderly manner, without running, following the directions reported on the emergency signs or the instructions of the rescue team
  • do not use the elevators
  • do not scream, shove people, or create panic situations
  • tell the rescue team about possible problems (wounded, trapped people, etc.)
  • crawl on floor if you encounter smoke, breathe slowly through a handkerchief  or piece of clothing, possibly wet
  • do not go back. If your escape route is blocked follow another route
  • once outside report to the assembly point
  • do not leave by car, avoid traffic jams which would prevent emergency vehicles from accessing the site
  • do not go back into the building until the emergency team says so

If the escape route is blocked:

  • close yourself inside a room with windows; seal the door with wet cloth and signal your presence via phone or at the window.

Do not act on your own initiative

Emergency management staff

Polo Ferrari - POVO 1, Via Sommarive 5 - Reception: 5298 - 5299
Polo Ferrari - POVO 2, Via Sommarive 9 - Reception: 5300 - 5301

Emergency management staff