The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science underlines that class attendance is fundamental for effective learning.
It however receives the University Guidelines on teaching arrangements for students (see also the download box, in Italian only) who need to be absent, based on which faculty members make themselves available to: 

  1. meet with the students one or more times, mainly online, during the semester;
  2. provide materials online for the students who are unable to attend a significant number of classes; these may include class recordings and in particular the recording of those classes that provide the theoretical background of the subject, that introduce the subject or that are aimed at creating connections between the different topics covered in the course;
  3. announce their office hours (including for online meetings) at the beginning of the course and update it in case of changes;
  4. provide a schedule of oral exams for the exam day(s).

As a rule, exams are in person at the University premises. Students who are exempt from attending in person will sit the written part of the exam and may arrange with the faculty to take the oral part remotely. 

If you think you will be unable to attend, fill out the 

Online form

and provide the requested information on the reason for absence and the classes or courses you will not be able to attend. Remember that the University will verify the information you provided. You will receive a copy of your application at your university email address. The teaching staff may ask you at any time to provide the confirmation email as proof of your circumstances.

Your exemption from attendance expires at the end of the semester. If you will still be unable to attend in the following semester, view your course timetable and submit a new application.

Information for non attending students can be found in Moodle. If you cannot find them, contact the lecturer of the course after submitting your online application.

For more information, please read the Department's guidelines (see also the Download box, in Italian only).