Post your Job Openings

Private companies and other organizations can advertise their internship and employment opportunities through the online services of the University and the Job Guidance service. The service is free of charge and allows companies and organizations to receive applications from UniTrento students and graduates who respond to ads on the Esse3 platform. Employers are free to view the CVs of students and recent graduates who have agreed to make them visible. In particular, employers can:

  • view the CVs of students and recent graduates uploaded in the last 12 months (student data are protected and only partially visible) (no registration required)
  • view and save the full CVs they are interested in (registration required)

More information here: Esse3 Stage e Lavoro board 

Start an internship program

Internships play an important part in student training and in connecting universities to the world of work. Internships are not regulated like employment contracts, but specific rules apply in order to protect both the interns and the companies.

To start an internship program, the university and a given company need to sign an agreement which stipulates:

  • the rules, duties, and responsibilities of the parties
  • the contents, duration, and objectives of the internship (and more specific details).

For more information: Company guide: how to activate an internship 

Meet students and graduates

Companies are welcome to contact the Job Guidance office to organize events with UniTrento students and recent graduates. The office will try to accommodate the companies' requests as far as possible.
Please contact the service in advance to identify the best solution for your company's needs. This is a free of charge service.
Types of events organized so far:

  • Company Presentations
  • Recruiting Day
  • Assessments

For more information: Meet students and graduates