2018-2022, Dipartimento di eccellenza - MIUR



The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI), founded in 2002, covers the main topics of information technology and engineering. It actively promotes education and research across interdisciplinary areas with members of the departments of Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Sociology and Cognitive Sciences. We are particularly proud of our PhD students, young researchers, and alumni, many of whom are leaders in academia and industry.

Prof. Paolo Giorgini,
Director of the Department


UniTrento reopening The first face-to-face lectures took place yesterday in different departments of the University and teaching activities will gradually resume in the coming days
DISI Industrial Workshops From 30 September to 25 November - online events
Seminars of Circular Economy and Electronic Waste Credit recognition for students Degree in Information Engineering and Business Organization
Dissertation awards on female entrepreneurship Deadline to apply: 10 December 2020
"WeNet - Internet of Us" recognized as high potential innovator EU Project Acknowledgment by The European Commission's Innovation Radar