IT Help Desk


IT services at DISI are provided by a pool of technicians on an email-based and partially automated system. Users request services through their University credentials in Single Sign On mode.

To request support, users need to open a new ticket, either using a web interface (at or through the OTRS widget in MyUniT), or by sending an email to tech.disi [at], or directly contacting DISI’s technical staff.

To make sure that their request will reach DISI’s technicians, users need to select "__DISI Support" from the drop-down list among the available services, or the request may be assigned to a different technical team.

Goals and procedure » pdf file

Department server account:

@ UniTrento

Communication Office @ DISI

The DISI Communication Office:

  • helps with the organization of department events (workshops, seminars, conferences):
    - ​defining costs and practical issues
    - preparing information content for different media
    - event supervision and follow-up
  • creates graphic design and materials for workshops, conventions and events
  • is responsible for the restyling of DISI's website and its content
  • is in charge of special initiatives
  • publishes news and information on events and seminars on DISI's web site home page
  • supports internal communication
  • is responsible for DISI's Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

The service is offered through a ticketing system. Users need UniTrento credentials to access. To open a new ticket, users can either use a web interface by means of the OTRS widget on MyUniTN portal, or send an email to comm.disi [at] To make sure that your request will be processed by the DISI Communication Office, select "__DISI Comm" from the drop-down list among the available services.


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University Rooms and Spaces

Guidelines (in Italian) » pdf file
Form for internal users (in Italian) »  docx file pdf file
Form for external users (in Italian) »  docx file pdf file


 Please follow the guidelines on Booking rooms and services 

  • Voice conference
  • Visiting room
  • Meeting room


Legend: Cornisello (6 - Povo1) | Terlago (10 - Povo1)


Legend: Lamar (12 - Povo1) | Molveno (14 - Povo1) | Toblino (14 - Povo1)


Legend: Yoram Ofek (50 - Povo1) | Garda (50 - Povo1)


Legend: Lases (12 - Povo2) | Levico (30 - Povo2)