Prof. Niculae Sebe - Email: direttore.disi [at]

Academic Coordinator
Prof. Fabio Massacci - Email: coordinatoredidattica.disi [at]


Program Coordinators - Email: responsabilicds.disi [at]


Bachelor Comp. Science
Prof. Marco Ronchetti

Bachelor Info & Comm
Prof. Paolo Rocca

Bachelor Info & Biz Org.
Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi



Master Comp. Science
Prof. Enrico Blanzieri

Master Info & Comm
Prof. Farid Melgani and Lorenzo Bruzzone


Director of the Department

Prof. Niculae Sebe  
niculae.sebe [at] (contact)  

Academic Coordinator

Prof. Fabio Massacci  
coordinatoredidattica.disi [at] (contact)  

Program Coordinators

Prof. Marco Ronchetti Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Prof. Paolo Rocca Bachelor's Degree in Information and Communications Engineering
Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi Bachelor's Degree in Information and Business Organisation Engineering
Prof. Enrico Blanzieri Master of Science in Computer Science
Prof. Farid Melgani Master of Science in Information and Communications Engineering
Prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone Master of Science in Information and Communications Engineering
responsabilicds.disi [at] (contact)