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The "MediTech Challenge - Vascular Surgery" is an initiative of the University of Trento and the Provincial Company for Health Services of the Autonomous Province of Trento, in collaboration with Fondazione Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT), aimed at ideating technological solutions to technical problems in the field of vascular surgery.

The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento will select an appropriate number of Solvers (students, young researchers and specializing doctors) who will be invited to participate in the Challenge.

In particular, the initiative is open to any students enrolled in a master or phd program and young researchers in various departments of the University of Trento. They will participate in activities to find solutions to technical problems in the field of vascular surgery by leveraging scientific and technological expertise in various disciplines.

Resident physicians from other regions of Italy will also participate in the Initiative, whose role will be to support students in the learning process of the Challenges and in the process of conceiving and developing concepts and prototype solutions. Students, postgraduates and resident doctors (Solvers) will form multidisciplinary teams to collaborate in devising solutions to the Challenges. Members of the winning team will receive a cash prize of 500,00 €.

The Meditech Challenge - Vascular Surgery will take place between February and May 2023. Students, young researchers and resident doctors interested in participating in the initiative must express their interest by completing the form available at the following link:

Deadline for applications:  24 November 2023, 11.59 PM - receiving server time.
Extended Deadline for applications: December 11, 2023, 11:59 PM - receiving server time

In the “Download” section it is possible to download the Public Selection notice for Solvers.