The EIT Manufacturing Master School is a 2-year Double Master’s Degree programme

The EIT Manufacturing Master School is a consortium of eight prestigious European universities in the field of engineering.

The University of Trento, represented by the Department of Engineering and Information Science, is one of the partner of the program.  

Starting from the academic year 2022-23, the Department offers, within the Master of Science in Computer Science, a new specialization area "Competitive Manufacturing" connected with the EIT Master programme "Data Science and AI for competitive manufacturing" reserved to students who want to pursue the EIT double degree programme. The UNITN participates in this area as the Exit University.

EIT Manufacturing Students obtain a common background at the Entry Universities, and specializes on the Digital Manufacturing Technologies related topics at the Exit University.
Moreover, EIT students will receive an "EIT label" certificate, which aims at attesting the Innovation & Entrepreneurship skills gained during the program.

For further information about: EIT Manufacturing Master School website

Technical programme at DISI Department

The Programme "Data Science and AI for Competitive Manufacturing" is offered at the Master's Degree in Computer Science.

Data Science and AI for Competitive Manufacturing is a combination of studying manufacturing science and Information and communication technology, including the usage and adoption of advanced digital solutions and platforms.
The programme offers mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation and entrepreneurship, including relevant training on how to transform ideas into businesses.
EIT Manufacturing Master’s graduates will be able to generate startups or innovation within manufacturing companies and ecosystems, contributing to European competitiveness, environmental sustainability and the creation of new jobs.

the Programme is organized in 120 ECTS and

Technical Courses: 45 ECTS
Specialization Courses: 15 ECTS
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses: 30 ECTS
Master Thesis: 30 ECTS

Programme structure

The first year is spent at one European partner university (entry point) and the second year at the University of Trento (exit point). 

The following partner universities provide an entry year (first year):

NBEIT Manufacturing reserves the right to change the exit universities of this programme.

For further information, see the brochure in the download section


Applications are made through the EITM Master School applications portal 

1st Application deadline: 1 Feb 2023, 23:59 GMT

We recommend this deadline to NOT EU/EFTA students that need to apply for a VISA to study in EU.

2nd Application deadline: 31 Mar 2023, 23:59 GMT

All requirements, requested documents and universities/technical majors offered are available on the EIT Manufacturing Master School website
For further information please contact eitmaster [at] (subject: EIT%20Manufacturing%20-%20)


eitmaster [at] (subject: EIT%20Manufacturing)

This is an EIT Labelled programme