DISI Industry - Scholarships Program is a new initiative of the Department of Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento through which companies can support our best students in their last year of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs by funding scholarships on subjects of industrial interest.

This initiative aims to encourage students to develop a deeper awareness and knowledge of the industrial world expectations, thanks to a customized study plan and the opportunity to carry out an internship and thesis activities  inside a company.

The program is articulated in three types of funding:

  1. Level 1, addressed to third year DISI Bachelor's degree students
  2. Level 2, addressed to second year DISI Master's degree students
  3. Professional Training Scholarship: internship+thesis, addressed to DISI Master's degree students

How to join

Interested companies can get further details by sending an e-mail to: edu.disi [at] unitn.it