The Department's Regulation

Regulations of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science » pdf file (in Italian)

University Regulations and forms

Please see this page for University Regulations, while University forms are available at this other link.

After-hours access to the Department

To access the Department out of business hours, show your id at the reception of the Povo2 building and:

  1. walk in from the Via Sommarive 9 main entrance (Povo2);
  2. swipe your badge at the Povo1 parking lot and drive in (in this case you can show your id at the reception  of Povo2 afterwards).

After-hours means:

  • From 7:30 pm to 7:30 am from Monday to Friday;
  • From 1:30 pm on Saturday to 7:30 am on Monday.

People who are already in the building at the start of afterhours are required to please report to the reception and show their id.

To request after hours entrance, the applicant must fill in this online form.
The Department's administrative office will send to the applicant the authorization module (after the approval by both the supervisor - set in the form - and the Director of Department).

N.B.: if you accidentally set off the alarm system you will be charged with call-out costs.