Cost of living

The average cost of accommodation (per month per person) in Opera Universitaria's halls or residence is: 

  • € 180.00 for a shared room - €220.00 for a single room (students entitled to accommodation)
  • € 250.00 for a double room - €290.00 for a single room (other students)
  • € 305.00 for a double room - €345.00 for a single room (postdoc students and researchers)

On the private market the cost of accommodation in a shared room is between 250.00 and 350.00 euro per month plus around 150.00 euro per month to cover the cost of utilities (electricity, water, heating, etc.).

The average price to rent a studio accommodating 1 or 2 people is between 500.00 and 800.00 euro per month, plus about 250.00 euro per month to cover the cost of utilities (electricity, water, heating, etc.).

Students spend approximately 200.00/month for meals at university restaurants and cafes (4.00 euro per meal, or 3.50 euro at discounted price).

You need a budget of at least 650-700 euro per month.

Useful links

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