Research Topics

We target the design and evaluation of novel architectures, paradigms and technologies for communications, networking, sensing, and localization, specifically in the wireless realm at large.

The expertise of our members covers the full wireless systems gamut, from antenna and physical layer design, to signal processing, protocol design, and realistic performance evaluation frameworks based on simulators, emulators, and  experimental devices.

The real-world applications and platforms we focus on fall at the crossroads of mobile computing, Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems, e.g., including wearables, smart cities, healthcare, vehicular systems, smart agriculture, wireless control, and ubiquitous connectivity.


Next-G mobile networks
Software-defined radios and networks
AI-driven networking
Next Generation Satellite Space Networking
Energy harvesting and battery-free networks
Network virtualization and slicing
Digital twins

Wireless communications and networks

Small and terminal-integrated antennas
mmWave networks
Low-power wireless networking: IEEE 802.15.4, UWB, Bluetooth, LoRa, backscatter, visible light
Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces and antennas
Intelligent transportation systems and networked cooperative vehicles
Underwater networks

Sensing and localization

Wireless sensor networks
Intermittent computing and sensing
UWB proximity and localization
Integrated sensing and communications
Wearable devices

Faculty members

Paolo Casari (coordinator)
Nicola Garau
Fabrizio Granelli
Leonardo Lizzi
Gian Pietro Picco
Claudio Sacchi
Michele Segata
Kasim Sinan Yildirim

Our research program supports several labs.
Visit us: GranelliLab, MANTA Research Lab