Research Programs

Cyber Security

Research and Teaching in Security and Cryptography have been active at the University for many years. This RP is just the materialization of this activity as a first class citizen. These activities span from classical IT security (mobile systems, web services, etc), to organizational security (Air Traffic Management, critical infrastructures, etc)).

Research Topics

Our research topics cover two main important directions: technological research where we develop particular security technologies such as intrusion detection for key loggers, on-card checkers of applets on a smart card, cryptographic boxes for ciphers; empirical research where we experiment how technologies do actually work in practice such as which vulnerabilities are actually exploited in the wild, how malware markets looks like. 

Projects and Grants

In the past years the group has brought sevral large grants with a high profile as either coordinator or scientific coordinator (IP-MASTER, STREP-S3MS, IP-SECURECHANGE, NoE-NESSOS, CP-SECONOMICS, CSA-CAPITAL, CSA_SECCORD, EIT-M-SHIELD, etc.)

Currently it has several running EIT Projects in Mobile Security (VAMOSS, OF2CEN, etc.), a large Marie Curie Trainign Network (NECS) and two projects with EuroControl on Air Traffic Security. The group also particpate to CINI National Cyber-Security Lab and has now been entrusted with the organization of the training courses in cyber-security for the Italian Presidency.

Integration with Education and Research

The RP has also a corresponding leg into education as the Security and Privacy EIT Master is the most successful EIT Digital Master at DISI. Several students participating at the courses work on innovative security services and their intership and thesis outside the university of Trento broaden the outreach of the research group. For example, every year a couple of students have a thesis with the group at SAP Labs in France.



Faculty Members

Bruno CrispoFabio Massacci (Coord)

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